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The Simple Formula that has helped over 800 people change their marriage from Boring and Broken to Sizzling Hot.

 Have you gone From nights out on the town, laughing & joking with your Husband to nights in on the internet, ranting about Him on social media?  

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This will change your life... literally.

 I'm gonna share a secret about marriage.  Something that most people don't know.  Something that even the most educated people overlook when it comes to a lifelong partnership.  

And I promise you that it's the God's honest truth. Ready?

Having a good Marriage isn't as hard as you think it is.

If you've been searching everywhere for something to "reignite the passion" and "spice up your marriage," then look no further.  

 I'm gonna tell you  EXACTLY how to fall back in love with your partner.

In fact there is one VERY SIMPLE solution to making marriages more exciting.

are you ready for this?

 Okay seriously,  there might be a little more to it than that.  But it is a HUGE part of it.

 Falling in love is fun and exciting.   But then "adulting" sets in and suddenly, we forget that we actually like the person we live with.

Still, somewhere deep inside, we long for that magical love story that we read about in fairy tales.  You want connection, respect, friendship and passion. I mean, is that too much to ask?

Admit it: Whenever you see a little old couple walking down the street, hand-in-hand, you get a little spring in your step.   Just knowing that marriage can  last gives your heart a little boost of hope.

You want that kind of happiness. But lately, you're beginning to feel like you're the only adult in the relationship.   If it wasn't for you, everyone  would starve, stink, and freeze to death.  

You're doing it all with almost no support from your spouse.

By the end of the day, the dishes are overflowing, the kids are crying and the last thing on your mind is fun and  romance.  Your husband wants "it" all the time and to be honest, you're just not that interested in... well.. you know.

You want a happy marriage, but you aren't even sure you remember HOW  to be happy.

And who could blame you?  Between raising children, paying bills, and cleaning the house, having any kind of energy left for a little "fun time" would be a nothing short of a miracle.

But guess what?  You don't actually need a miracle to get your marriage back in the fun zone.  In fact, all you need is the right combination of  little things that can make a big difference.

Do you remember the little things?

The flirty glances from across the room, a sexy text on your lunch break when your relationship was new?

But just like anything new, the novelty eventually wears off.  And when it does, we tend to stop taking care of it.  But here's some more good news:

You haven't fallen out of love.  You've fallen out of the habit of loving!

And there's even better news: Developing a new habit isn't actually that hard.   Research tells us that it takes a mere 21 days!

That's why we've created the 21 Day Marriage fix.

When you follow this 21 day program, you will

>>   Laugh and joke with your spouse again.
>>   Get butterflies in your stomach when you catch him looking at you.
>>   Have him following you around, begging for your attention.

What the 21 Day Marriage Fix Looks Like

21 Day Marriage Fix, What to say to save a marriage that is falling apart

Every Day, for 21 days, you'll receive a new challenge in your inbox .  The challenges are designed to be so simple and effective that they will leave you thinking, "Wow,  I can't believe I waited so long."

This 21 day marriage challenge is chock full of wisdom, humor and exciting ideas for making your marriage amazing again.   Join hundreds of others who are raving about this series.

Affair Proof Marriage Checklist Bonus with the 21 Day Marriage Fix Challenge

BONUS GIFT:     Easy "Affair Proof Marriage" Checklist.

I won't lie, every day will be simple, 
but not every day  will be easy.

"Nothing worth having comes easy." - Theodore Roosevelt.

It's true that some days will be a bit more challenging than others, because, let's be honest, sometimes we have to work through our junk.  

But I don't completely agree with Mr. Roosevelt either (am I allowed to say that?)

Here's the bottom line: the days that will make you start FEELING like your in love again will be the easiest  and the most fun.

(And speaking of fun, I'd love to hear your thoughts about day 10, if you're brave enough to accept that challenge.)

What's Inside?

21 Day Marriage fix is a daily email series that includes a daily challenge each day for 21 days.  You'll also gain insight into the reason many marriages fail and exactly what you can do to avoid entering those danger zones. 

Most of the challenges are simple and quick to implement but you will find a few days where you are asked to dig a little deeper and work through some things that might be toxic to your marriage!  

Each email will specifically  focus on building up a defense against those danger zones so that your marriage won't fizzle out ever again!

START YOUR 21 day journey to a better marriage for only $1 per day.

Plus your BONUS: Affair-Proof Marriage Checklist!

What others are saying

Join over 700 others who've taken the challenge!

Hi Jodi. My husband and I are following this 21 day marriage fix and it's been great.  In fact, we are thinking of starting over again once we have finished!  Thank you so much for sharing.

- Hope Davis

I am so happy with this program, every day when we get the email with your story and our assignment we can't wait to read it and get started.  I'm so grateful for the simple series and a little embarassed that I didn't think of it before!

- Christian Burgos

Think your marriage is "too far gone?" 

Then you're in the perfect position to make this challenge work for you!

And my husband dropped the D word...

If your marriage is just a little bit boring, then congrats you're way ahead of the game and you're about to learn some "advanced" techniques for keeping your marriage young.

But if you're anything like me, you are in desperate need of something to help save your marriage. If that's you, then don't wait another minute!  When I started developing the 21 Day Marriage Fix, I did it out of necessity!  My marriage wasn't just bland, it was in need of Resurrection.  

When you have three kids within  the first two years of your marriage, any marriage would be bound to suffer, and ours was no different.  Still, when my husband sat me down at our kitchen table and started talking about divorce, I felt like the floor had dropped out from under me.

Deep down in my heart, I knew I still loved him.  I wasn't ready to give up on our family yet but I just wasn't feeling romantic about him anymore.

That's when I started developing the methods I share in The 21 Day Marriage Fix.  Now, my husband and I not only have a great marriage, but he has been working with me  to perfect this series so that others can have the same results

Inside the series, I share our whole sad, scary, redeeming story with you and I'll tell you exactly how our marriage went from death's door to falling passionately back in love.

We have a happy marriage now, this picture is one of us being goofy with our Date Night In Box from last month.

Whether or not you believe in fairy tales, I know you'll believe this:

You deserve to be in a happy, fulfilling marriage.  Why wait?

Okay.. I know that things are complicated...  there could be a lot of things going on here.  But  you deserve the kind of marriage that makes your heart flutter when your spouse leans in to kiss you.

Don't wait until that motivation is gone.  Stand up and fight for those family trips to the beach, and playing tag in the backyard.  But be prepared... other people will be totally jealous of your relationship, trust me.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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What if I don't like the series?   Can I get a refund?

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Take the guesswork out of falling back in love.

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