21 Day Marriage Fix

By Jodi | Marriage

May 19
Feeling disconnected from your spouse
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Marriage is hard but you know that, or you wouldn’t be here.

In America alone, there is one divorce every 36 seconds.  “Irreconcileable differences” is almost always the reason!     When I read those statistics they break my heart because I know what it feels like to think you CAN’T fix something.

I honestly believe that most of us think we’ve tried everything.  But the truth of the matter is that differences are very rarely “irreconcilable”.    When we begin believing that “falling out of love” is a good reason to split up a family, we’ve pretty much guaranteed ourselves a life filled with difficulty and unhappiness.  

There are so many reasons people resign themselves to a divorce.
Maybe your spouse is driving you crazy?
Maybe he’s dealing with a porn addiction?
Or worse.. an affair?
Or maybe it’s simpler than that.. maybe the kids, the bills, and the day to day has just left you feeling disconnected.

Any way you look at it.. the spark is gone.  And for some reason, you aren’t ready to give up.

GOOD FOR YOU!  Because getting that old flame burning again isn’t as elusive as you might think!

I have ONE QUESTION for you!

Have you really fallen out of love or have you simply fallen out of the habit of loving?

PIN THIS! Take the 21 day marriage fix challenge and find out how to fall back in love with your spouse!Just like getting a new car, most people keep it clean for at least a few months. When something is new, we are automatically motivated to keep it clean but eventually, you fall out of the habit.
After a few months go by, you begin leaving your gym shoes on the front seat.

Then the next thing you know, your fountain drink from the drive-through is soaking through the cup into the cup holder.

But if you were determined enough… Couldn’t you recreate that habit?   Couldn’t you convince yourself to keep it clean again?

Restoring your marriage is a lot like this (except more fun.. and possibly more painful..depending on your situation.)

Science suggests that doing something for a minimum of 21 days will create a habit.

Which means that the “irreconcilable differences” you are up against, aren’t out of your control after all!   You can form the habit of loving your spouse again!   But just like forming and breaking other habits, it will require a little work.

It may not feel comfortable to you, and if you and your spouse are really in the danger zone then you may even hate the idea a little. If you’re at this stage then I URGE you to NOT waste any more time.

Take our free 21-day challenge and start changing your marriage.   Follow our daily email guide and in 21 days, come back and tell me how your marriage is doing! I think you’ll be surprised how quickly you can “fall back in love”.


Seriously… You don’t want to miss this ……


PIN THIS! You don't want to miss this fantastic 21 challenge to change your marriage! #marriagetips Fall back in love with your husband. Get the spark back in your relationships!

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