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Woman deciding between eating junk food or eating healthy food
Dec 17

How to Stop Eating Junk Food

By Jodi Perez | Health

How to (finally) stop eating junk food even if you have NO willpower.From that first taste of junk food as a child, we begin a love/hate relationship with all things sugary, salty, starchy, and sour.  We become addicted to the extreme flavors.  But if you’re addicted… then is it even possible to stop eating junk food?  […]

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May 19

The #1 Dieting Mistake

By Jodi | Health

“Diet” Ugh.  I shudder at the thought.  Food is one of my favorite parts of life!   Unfortunately, I tend towards greasy, carby, cheesy foods filled with calories and yumminess which does not bode well for the waistline.   I’ve spent years watching my super skinny friends turning down food without batting an eyelash and frequently, I wonder if […]

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