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Man and woman embrace forgiveness
Jul 16

How to Forgive a Cheater

By Jodi Perez | Marriage

How to Forgive Cheating in MarriageWhether you’ve recently discovered your spouse’s affair or you’ve been seeing a counselor for years, you may still find it difficult to forgive a cheating spouse.  But have you ever wondered WHY it’s so difficult to forgive?  Why You’re struggling to forgiveAs a fellow betrayee (someone who has been betrayed) […]

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Infidelity can rip a marriage apart. But it doesn't have to. Read our story about how we overcame an affair and built a better marriage
Jul 09

How We Overcame Betrayal

By Jodi | Marriage , Spiritual Growth

Building a better marriage after an affair is possible!Surviving infidelity holds a special kind of pain but it’s more common that you think. Even so, It’s taken me some time to share this story with the world.   Like most people who’ve been touched by an affair, I just wasn’t ready to share in my shame. Shame […]

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52 ways to have fun with your spouse
Jul 03

52 Ways to HAVE FUN with your spouse

By Jodi | Marriage

Looking for ways to have fun with your spouse?   Check out this list for some great ideas!  No extra cash flow or babysitter?   DON’T WORRY.  There are lots of free/cheap options and ideas that work WITH the kids! Play a board game  So simple – but a little healthy competition is always fun! 2. Host a […]

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25 flirty texts for your spouse
Jun 12

25 Flirty Texts for your Spouse

By Jodi | Marriage

Looking keep the spark alive in you’re marriage?    Don’t forget to flirt!  Being flirty helps keep that anticipation and excitement going.   I’m known to leave little notes for my spouse on his car or in his lunch but text messages work just as well. Check out this list of flirty (and a little dirty) […]

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Feeling disconnected from your spouse
May 19

21 Day Marriage Fix

By Jodi | Marriage

Marriage is hard but you know that, or you wouldn’t be here. In America alone, there is one divorce every 36 seconds.  “Irreconcileable differences” is almost always the reason!     When I read those statistics they break my heart because I know what it feels like to think you CAN’T fix something.   I honestly believe […]

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