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Help Kids resolve conflict with these 3 NEED TO KNOW tips
Aug 20

3 Need-To-Know Tips for Helping Kids Resolve Conflict.

By Jodi Perez | Parenting

LOOKING FOR CONFLICT RESOLUTION STRATEGIES FOR KIDS? As a preschool teacher, I had the duty opportunity of teaching countless children about resolving conflict.  Especially around the month of April when students had spent too many indoor recesses with each other.   The classroom began feeling like having house guests that had overstayed their welcome. They were […]

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Aug 02

The ONLY tip you’ll ever need to stop being an angry mom.

By Jodi Perez | Parenting

SHOP NOWYou’re not really an angry mom.   Picture this: Sicily 1929    Your kitchen, yesterday afternoon.  You’re dutifully cooking a healthy dinner, the counters are cluttered with ingredients and dirty dishes.  For some reason, that new rice dish your trying doesn’t look quite right.  Suddenly, the kids dart through the kitchen, bumping into the counter and […]

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Jul 24

Does my Child Really NEED to Attend Preschool?

By Jodi | Parenting

Your child has finally hit the preschool age range but you just aren’t ready for him to head off to school.   He’s still just a baby! To be honest, I never had that dilemma.  Mainly because I taught my children’s preschool class.  In fact, I directed the whole preschool.    Year after year, I remember watching […]

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Jun 12

Father’s Day Coloring Cards

By Jodi | Homemaking , Parenting

Growing up, one of my Dad’s favorite activities was going out to breakfast at local diners.   Father’s Day, still brings with it the memories of a 30-minute drive to my Dads favorite mountaintop dinner.    That tradition lingered well into adulthood.  Each year, I would make the four and a half hour drive home from […]

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Ditch the Sibling Rivalry Books, Read this instead!
May 18

Ending Sibling Rivalry with 10 Simple Words

By Jodi | Parenting

Ditch the sibling rivalry books! Stopping siblings from fighting is easier than you think. My true story about mastering sibling rivalry in our home. A while back, I sat in my living room, deep in conversation with my long time best friend.  She ranted on about her mother-in-law, telling me about an awful argument they’d […]

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