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Jul 24

Does my Child Really NEED to Attend Preschool?

By Jodi | Parenting

Your child has finally hit the preschool age range but you just aren’t ready for him to head off to school.   He’s still just a baby! To be honest, I never had that dilemma.  Mainly because I taught my children’s preschool class.  In fact, I directed the whole preschool.    Year after year, I remember watching […]

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Jun 12

Father’s Day Coloring Cards

By Jodi | Homemaking , Parenting

Growing up, one of my Dad’s favorite activities was going out to breakfast at local diners.   Father’s Day, still brings with it the memories of a 30-minute drive to my Dads favorite mountaintop dinner.    That tradition lingered well into adulthood.  Each year, I would make the four and a half hour drive home from […]

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Ditch the Sibling Rivalry Books, Read this instead!
May 18

Ending Sibling Rivalry with 10 Simple Words

By Jodi | Parenting

Ditch the sibling rivalry books! Stopping siblings from fighting is easier than you think. My true story about mastering sibling rivalry in our home. A while back, I sat in my living room, deep in conversation with my long time best friend.  She ranted on about her mother-in-law, telling me about an awful argument they’d […]

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