Mentored Mastermind Groups

Surround yourself with the right people.

Strategy.  Encouragement.  Accountability.

Space is EXTREMELY limited!

What is a "Mentored Mastermind Group" ?

A  mastermind group is an exclusive, SMALL group of professionals who will work together to grow their separate businesses by relying on each other for input, accountability and joint promotion.  

Our mentored mastermind groups are led and coordinated by Jodi Perez in order to ensure that all members get the most out of the group.  Jodi will set the structure for the groups as well as participate in each one personally to offer her assistance and expertise.

  What membership includes:

  • A 30 minute coaching / strategy session with Jodi where we will work together to set goals for your session with the mastermind group
  • Lifetime Access to the members only facebook group
  • Access to the a private group forum with your strategy group
  • 12 Weekly zoom calls where you will recieve an alloted amount of time for individualized attention.
  • Jodi will attend all meetings to facilitate and help you strategize.
  • Swipe files and templates (including email copy, sponsorship pitches and mediakit)

3 Strategy Groups to Choose From

Strategy groups are basically three different paths to success. Choosing a strategy group will allow you to hyerocus on growing a profitable business with others who are on the same hourney. After sign up you'll be given the opportunity to choose the group that best fits your goals.

Not sure which strategy fits your goals?  


Group 1 |  
Sponsorship Track

Sponsor Based groups focus on popularity and content creation. 

This type of blog has HUGE earning potential, especially for the social butterfly or the quick writer.

Group 2 |
Brand Track

Brand based blogs are especially fantastic for the hyperfocused and self-disciplined.  

With the right mix of determination and technique, you could be the next "Pioneer Woma

Group 3 |
Service Track

Service based blogs are a quick  way to start earning income with very little financial investment.

But be warned! Service based businesses require thick skin and bounce back potential!

Do I have to choose just one strategy?  

I truly believe that learning the art of focusing is the key to success.  That is why the mentored mastermind groups are set up to focus specifically one strategy at a time.  

However, because the groups run in quarterly units, you can switch strategies as often as every three months!

All groups will include information and assistance with using Ad networks and affiliate marketing.

What others are saying

"Her advice for me is always tailored to my unique situation and goals."

I have been in a mastermind group started by Jodi for almost a year, and wow! She has become an indispensable resource to me. I don't look anywhere else for blogging resources anymore, I just head straight to her and get up-to-date, personalized advice from someone who makes it her business to stay on top of the blogging game. Her advice for me is always tailored to my unique situation and goals, and she pushes me (lovingly) to do my best in whatever work I pursue. I highly recommend getting into a group with her if you want to streamline your blogging journey - you will not regret it.

A Mentored Mastermind Group is a great investment for you IF:

  • You feel "stuck" and you can't quite figure out what your next step is.
  • You need help setting goals or accountability to help you stick to them.
  • You are committed to growing your business.
  • You want to develop an close-knit tribe of bloggers to work with long-term.
  •  You are willing to work as a group to help others in your tribe succeed.

A Mentored Mastermind Group is a NOT a great investment for you IF:

Our next mastermind session will be running from
June 1st through December 20th.

We have begun enrolling for the upcoming session.

You can secure your spot today with a $50 deposit which will be counted towards the cost of your first month. 

After sign up, you will be given the opportunity to book your strategy session. 


Do I have to attend every meeting?

What time are the meetings.

What if I can not find a group that fits into my schedule?

14 Day Money Back Gaurantee

If you aren't convinced that a mastermind group is for you, then don't worry. Once our mastermind groups begin, you will have 14 days to back out of the group and get your money back. But I'm quite certain you'll find that these groups will be well worth it!

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