I would love to work with you!

At Wealthy N Wise, we accept guest post submissions that meet the following criteria:

What should your post look like?

  • Fits in one of the following categories: Marriage, Parenting, Spiritual Growth, Homemaking, Budgeting, or Work at home.
  • Is your own original content and has not been previously published.
  • Is between 700-1900 words
  • Is Organized neatly and with eye-catching headings to break up the text.
  • Build engagement by sharing a real-life story.
  • Has a catchy headline that promises to solve a specific problem.
  • Does not directly oppose the Christian Faith or its doctrines

  • What to include in your guest post

    • Your article / post
    • Your Headshot
    • Links to any Opt-Ins forms / Downloads your post offers
    • A link to your about me page

    What do you get out of guest posting?

    If your post is selected for publishing:

    • You will receive a do-follow backlink which will build authority for SEO
    • I will link to 2 of your  social media platforms of your choice
      (ie. You can follow Jodi on​ Facebook or Pinterest!)
    • You can link your guest post to an opt-in form building your following or link to a freebie on your site to build traffic AND your email list simultaneously.
    • You can link to a paid product that YOU have created (ie- Link to your ebook on Amazon.)
    • Your post will be promoted by me and will be submitted to all appropriate tailwind tribes, group boards, and facebook groups where I contribute.

    What happens after I submit my post?

    You will hear back about your submission within 10 business days.

    • If your article is rejected:
      • I will provide you with the reason for rejection
      • You are free to re-work and resubmit it at anytime
      • You are free to submit it to other blogs
    • If your article is Accepted
      • I will correct/change anything in your article that I believe will keep it from being successful.
      • I will return the final revision to you for your approval.
        • Please note: I will not revise and publish your  article without your approval
      • Once approved, your article will be scheduled to be published/promoted.


    • Do I need to provide featured photos for the article/post?
      • If your post refers to a specific photo, please include it in your submission.
        Otherwise, you do not need to include photos for your post or pins.
    • Will I get paid?
      • At this time I don’t offer payment for submissions. You will, however, see a boost in traffic and a boost in your Google ranking!