Contributor Guidelines

All content submitted to Wealthy N Wise women must fit the following guidelines

The content is your own original content and has not been previously published.  All content must be able to pass copyscape

Your submission is between 700-3000 words.   Long form content must maintain one consistent theme and be optimized for SEO

Content is neatly organized into paragraphs with no more than 2 sentences per paragraph.  Optimized heading are used to break up the text.

Content is written in first person and builds engagement by including personal narrative.

Links to external content are valuable and add to the reader's user experience.

You content does not directly oppose the Christian Faith or it's doctrines.

Monetization of Contributor Posts
Links to your content

When providing a link to your content, the content must provide a natural extension of information.  Content that includes links to affiliate heavy content that provides no information or appear to be a thinly-veiled sales funnel will be rejected.  

Please note: Links to affiliate heavy content is acceptable if the content is provides a natural extension of information for the reader.

Links to your products

When creating content that is intended to funnel readers into a sales page, please ensure that the content appears natural and the link appears in content only.  

An example of an appropriate product link:

"Date night isn't the only way to show your spouse how much you care.  If you just can't get out the door on the regular, try a marriage challenge or a date night in."

Post Images
Your featured Image

Please include an original image as the featured image for your post before publishing.

The image should be sized to 800 x 800 and should not be a stock photo.  You may use this Canva template to resize your image.

If you do not have an appropriate photo, you may use any images that are available to you in our media library.

We reserve the right to change featured images as we deem appropriate.

In content images

If your post refers to a specific photo, please include it in the content of your submission.  The image should be no larger than 1080x1080.

Please do not include stock photography in your content or additional unnecessary images.

Ownership and Distribution

Once a guest post has been accepted and published, effective immediately on the date of publication, all content associated with the guest post including: design, text, images, digital files, ideas, logos, and sounds are the exclusive property of including worldwide distribution and intellectual property rights.

You agree that the post content may not be copied, reproduced, transmitted, distributed, re-posted on other websites, downloaded, or transferred in any form or by any means without prior written consent, and with express attribution to