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College is expensive and time-consuming. But in today’s world, it’s pretty difficult to get a decent job without a degree.

But as an adult, it can be pretty challenging to fit even a part-time program into your grown-up life.

And the expense! College is the best investment you’ll ever make. At least, that’s what they tell me.

But at this point, I’m over $100,000 in debt and honestly, I’m not seeing a great return on that investment just yet.

So when my husband said that he wanted to go back to school, I didn’t jump on the bandwagon right away.

We knew that he would need to take a much more responsible approach to college than I had.

Fortunately for us, we were given an amazing opportunity to be one of the first people to enroll in Total Testing with Daemon College.

Can I be honest? I just CAN NOT say enough good things about this program!

But I swear I’ll do my very best to give you a comprehensive unbiased look at the program so that you can make a decision for yourself!

What is Total Testing?

Total testing is a self-paced online program that allows you to earn up to 9 accredited college credits per month.

You pay a monthly subscription fee and you are given access to 3 “courses.” The courses are set up like a crash course or a test prep course that allows you to prepare for the 3 courses you’re allowed to take each month.

How does it work?

When you sign up for Total Testing, you’re given a choice between 2 different degree paths.

Once you’ve chosen your degree path, you’ll instantly be given a student dashboard with the first three classes you’ll need to pass to get your degree.

Your student dashboard has 3 courses per month.

Each class is set up with video lectures, PowerPoint materials, practice work, and a practice test.

When you feel like you’re ready, you can set up your proctored exams from the student dashboard.

The exams are included in your membership fee, but you will need to agree to pay $18 if you do not show up for the exam.

Each month, you’ll get new courses to replace the ones that you’ve completed. The student dashboard is designed to make the process very very streamlined.

A peak at the Business Administration Degree Path with Total Testing

If you take and pass all 3 tests every single month, it will take you about 10 months to complete your degree path with Total Testing.

Finishing the degree path will get you to your senior year, at which point you can enroll with Total Testing’s partner school, Daemon College to finish your final year and get your Bachelor’s degree.

Honestly, it’s like getting a 4-year degree in only 2 years!

How much does it cost?

With the Total Testing program, you pay a monthly subscription fee of $300. That gives you access to 3 courses and 3 exams. Each exam is worth 3 college credits.

Set up your exam quickly and easily on the proctor website.

So if you were to take (and pass) all three exams each month, you would be paying about $33 per credit.

The website does allow you to put your membership on hold or cancel whenever you want but you will, of course, lose access to the materials when you do that.

Can you transfer the credits to another college?

The credits offered by Total Testing are nationally accredited so you technically could transfer the credits to a college of your choosing.

However, if you’ve ever attempted to transfer credits, you know that it can be pretty difficult and colleges are really particular with their rules. That means that there is always a chance that another college would refuse to accept the credits.

However, that’s actually the reason this program is so amazing! There is no reason to worry about whether or not all of the credits will transfer, Daemon college guarantees acceptance of all credits taken through the total testing site!

What degree paths are offered?

Both of these degrees are great “blanket” degrees that will allow you to work in a lot of different career paths, but if you don’t like those options, don’t worry!

Remember that your degree is actually coming from Daemon college so you could always switch to another major at a later point. It will require a bit more “figuring out” on your end, but you absolutely could look into this.

What makes Total Testing so much different than other options?

A streamlined process with guarantees.

Programs like the CLEP test have been around for a long time. But whenever you choose to go that route, you’re on your own to make sure that the school will actually accept the credits you’re trying to test out of.

There are some other programs out there, like who’ve partnered with colleges to ensure transfers, but in that scenario, you are still left to figure out which credits you will need and which courses on the platform can be transferred in.

With Total testing and Daemon College, there are no questions needed about what to take or whether they’ll transfer. You simply choose a path and follow it until you’re done. All the credits will be transferred into Daemon and count towards the degree path you’ve chosen!

Prep courses are included in the membership

Unlike CLEP testing, where you have to purchase materials separately, you are given the exact materials you’ll need to prepare for your proctored test.

Each course provides a wide range of materials to prepare you for the exam.

Complete 3 years of credits in 10 months!

Every time I mention this one, I get so excited! Seriously, this is something you just are not going to find anywhere else.

Most colleges that accept transfer credits have a limit to how many they are willing to take. Those limits are usually very very strict when it comes to CLEP exams.

Some of the most generous colleges allow you to transfer in about 45 credits by exam. That’ll get you about halfway through your sophomore year.

But with Total Testing and Daemon, you are getting 3 years’ worth of credits in 10 months! That’s 90 credits.

Least expensive overall

Although other options like and CLEP may appear to be less expensive from the get-go, you have to remember that in the long term, you can’t transfer a large number of credits from these programs.

This means that you’ll ultimately spend more years completing those credits from university or college. And we all know what that means… more years in college =more money… lots of it.

Check out Total Testing today

If you’re considering heading back to school to get your degree, then I would highly recommend jumping over to the Total Testing website and clicking around.

You can read their frequently asked questions here.

If you’re really serious about going back, try it for just one month! I think you’ll be surprised at how simple it is. We were!

Everything you need to know about Total Testing with Daemon College