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We appreciate your interest in wanting to write for our Wealthy N Wise Woman.   We love to work with other online content creators.    

While most sites accept guest posts in order to add content and traffic to their own site, we are very intentional about working with contributors to help them grow their reach.

This site was created as a means of helping women grow.  That's why we do things differently around here.

At Wealthy N Wise woman, we believe in sharing.  Specifically, we believe in profit sharing.   Our goal is to help every single contributor make more money and have a larger reach.  That's why we have created a paid contributor program.

What is a paid contributor?

A paid contributor is a content creator (a writer) who agrees to publish content for Wealthy N Wise Woman (www.wealthynwise.net) at least 1 time per month.   

After your first 3 posts have been approved and published, you will begin earning a base rate + commission for every additional posts.  

Alternatively, you may choose to submit a one-time guest post.

How much do contributors make?

How much money you make as a contributor is completely up to you.  

As a paid contributor, you will receive a base rate of $10+commision. This means that you will continue to earn residual income on every post you publish at WnW.  

Base rate increases will be considered on a case by case basis and will be determined by the contributor's consistency of publishing, traffic rates, and income generation.

Other opportunities for income

Amazon Affiliate Links -  Contributors who intend to use affiliate links in their posts may request a tracking ID for our Amazon Associates account.   You receive 70% commission for all affiliate sales made through your tracking ID. 30% is retained for taxes and expenses. Founders of WnW receive no commission on your sales.  

Sponsored Work -  Wealthy n Wise Woman works with brands to publish sponsored content.   Often, this content is outsourced to our contributors.   When this content is published, you will receive a one-time sum (usually $70-$150 per post).  This amount replaces your base rate.  As with other posts, you will receive residual income via a percentage of the net profit.    However, you may not use affiliate links in sponsored posts (unless the sponsor offers an affiliate link.)

How are Payments Sent

Depending on the amount of revenue you are generating, you will be paid either monthly, or twice monthly.
See the table below for more information.

Revenue* generated by the contributor 
*Revenue represents the contributor's income

Payment Schedule


15th of each month


1st and 15th

Contributor Guidelines | Key things to know before submitting a post

  • We accept only original posts greater than 800 words.  Your content should be able to pass copy scape and should not be published on any other print or digital channels.
  • Your content may include do-follow links to your website but the link must be valuable to your content and the reader.  Please do-not include thinly-veiled sales pitches in your content, these posts will not be approved for publishing. 
  • You may not use affiliate links on the Wealthy N Wise Woman Platform.   However, you may link to content on your own website that includes affiliate links.
  • Paragraphs should be no more than 2 sentences long. Long sentences should standalone. 
  • Do not include stock photos in your post.  If you have photo that you've personally taken that is essential for your post, you may upload and add it to your post. Otherwise, please include social graphics only.  
  • Please add a featured image to your post before publishing. This can not be a stock photo.  If you do not have an image that is appropriate for your post, you may choose one from our contributor library.
  • Once you submit your post for publishing, we will review your post and edit it if necessary.  We do not re-write posts.  However, we may add an introductory paragraph for SEO purposes or correct typographical errors.
  • If your post is not approved, it most likely violates the terms of our content policy.  You will receive an email with more information so that you may edit and re-submit.


Do I have to have my own website to be a contributor?

Nope!   We accept contributors with and without websites.  We especially like working with new bloggers who are looking to grow their audience.

What if I'm not good at copywriting?

We are more than happy to work with you to help you improve your copywriting skills.  If you are interested in receiving feedback on your copy, simply put a note at the top of your post when you submit the draft stating that you would like feedback.   Our core content creators will review your post and offer suggestions.

How many post can I contribute monthly?

You may submit as many posts as you would like.   However, remember that only the posts approved for publishing will be eligible for payment.  

If your goal is to create a lot of content, this is what we would suggest:

Create 3-5 highly optimized posts per week.  

Remember that, unlike typical contributor communities, you are paid residual income for your posts. That means that both quantity and quality are top priority.

Any contributor who is creating excessive amounts of low-quality will be removed from the platform.

Do I have to create social graphics for every post?

Yes.  Every post must include at least a Pinterest Friendly graphic.  As a contributor, you will receive access to our library of Pin Templates (editable in Canva).  These templates are yours to use on both WnW woman as well as your own website.  Please to not sell or resell these templates or any pins created with these templates.  

Can I use my own affiliate links?

You may not use your own affiliate links for contributor posts.  All affiliate links must be generated from the WNW woman account.  There are two reasons that we require you to use our links. 

1. When brands see that we are generating a large number of sales, they often allow us to negotiate higher percentages. This means that all of our contributors receive higher rates, including you!

2. This allows us to offer a consistent payment structure for all contributors (including those who do not have access to affiliate accounts)

Can I sell my own product or collect email addresses?

While you can not directly sell a product or collect subscribers from Wealthy N Wise Woman, you can include links to your own website.  

Therefore, you may direct users to click on a link that leads to a page in your own sales funnel.  Remember, all links must be directing traffic to valuable content and you may not link directly to a sales page.

Ownership and Distribution of Content

Once a guest post has been accepted and published, effective immediately on the date of publication, all content associated with the guest post including: design, text, images, digital files, ideas, logos, and sounds are the exclusive property of wealthynwise.net including worldwide distribution and intellectual property rights.

You agree that the post content may not be copied, reproduced, transmitted, distributed, re-posted on other websites, downloaded, or transferred in any form or by any means without prior written consent, and with express attribution to wealthynwise.net.  

How to contribute to Wealthy N Wise Woman

Please use the button below to become a contributor.    Once your application is approved (usually within 48 hours), you'll receive an email with next steps.  You will be able to begin contributing as soon as your application is approved.