52 Ways to HAVE FUN with your spouse

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Jul 03
52 ways to have fun with your spouse

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Looking for ways to have fun with your spouse?   Check out this list for some great ideas!  No extra cash flow or babysitter?   DON’T WORRY.  There are lots of free/cheap options and ideas that work WITH the kids!

  1. Play a board game  So simple – but a little healthy competition is always fun!

2. Host a game night – Taking the first idea one step farther, make it a group thing!

3. Go night swimming!  –   If you don’t have a pool… that’s okay!  Go public or phone a friend!

4. Go to an orchard – Pick apples, strawberries, pumpkins or more

5. Have a bake-off  – Use your orchard loot to have a bake-off… make sure you set the rules, give time for prep and this is a great one to do with kids!

 6. Take a walk.  If you and your spouse are not the loud-and-wild type… then just take a quiet walk around the neighborhood.  You may even want to go at night and get some stargazing in!

7. Memory Lane – If you’re too tired for a walk around town, the take a walk down memory lane instead.  Get out old photos and look through them… You could even work on making a scrapbook together!

8. Date night kid Swap – Find a friend and do a date night kid swap – you watch their little ones for a night, and then they watch yours for a night.  Even better if it’s a slumber party. 😉

9. Jump on the Trampoline –  Once again, this one might be fun to do at night!  Get the blood flowing before heading inside (or not) for a little love.

10. Take a Dance Class –  This was one of my absolute most FAVORITE things to do with my hubby.  We had so much fun learning to box step!

11. Take a Workout Class –  Taking a workout class together can actually be a lot of fun!  Better yet- Many gyms offer childcare!

12. Do a DIY project together – This one is great for all those go-getters on the list who feel good after getting things done.   But beware – If you’ve never done a DIY together before.. start small.  Don’t re-do a who room.. instead, build an end table!

13. Add a little competition to your grocery trip. –This is another great one to do with kids!  Write out to grocery Lists. Split into teams and see who can get checked out the fastest without drawing attention.  If you really want to make it extra fun… Add points for the person who’s grocery bill was the lowest.  Lose makes dinner and cleans-up after!

14. Go Daydreaming –  One of our weird, and favorite, date nights is to walk around giant hardware/home stores and daydream.  My personal favorite is Ikea but home depot and lowes are also great and the tool section draws my hubby in. 

15. Go on a missions trip-  Going on a week long missions trip would obviously be amazing. But if that’s not in the cards, then just walk around town doing missions together.  Pay for someone’s gas or set up a time to help an elderly person clean their home.   Pay a visit to a nursing home and talk with the patients!

16. Take a college course together.  –Community colleges offer great courses in art, business and more and the prices are usually quite minimal considering how many “date nights” you get out of it!   

17.  Have a backyard camp out  –Pick up a cheap tent from wal-mart or target and have a camp out in the backyard just for fun.

18. Have a campfire/bonfire –You could do this one in conjunction with the camping or just on its own!  Make a simple fire pit and roast marshmallows. Light Sparklers or do some stargazing!

19. Play a video game together.   Don’t worry if your spouse has mad skills and you kind of suck…  Most of the time he/she will be more than willing to play a simpler game (like Mario Bros) just to have the hang out time!

20. Have an All-around town scavenger hunt – Put together a list of things for you and your spouse (and kids!) to search for around town.  Every item MUST have picture or proof of some sort.

21. Play a sport together-  Flag football, baseball, basketball – there are so many ways to have fun with this one.  Add the kids, or some friends to make it better!

22. Go to a flea market –  Find awesome deals and get have fun at the same time!  If you’re bringing the kids along, give them each a shopping bag and a little money ($3-$10) and let them buy what they want!

24. Have a picnic – Pack up a picnic and head out to a public park or lookout spot.  Make sure everything is easy to throw away so you can have a fun afterward without having to lug around a basket or a blanket!

25. Go to an amusement park (on a weekday evening).  Going to an amusement park in the evening on a weeknight is not typical.  Which is why it makes it great!  Lose the crowds, lose the heat and enjoy the lights.  OH and don’t forget there’s likely an evening discount!    Just be sure to take an afternoon nap if you have to be at work the next day!

28. Go to the zoo (also better on weekday evenings!) – Grown-ups tend to forget all about the zoo! But animals are even cooler as an adult! You actually LEARN some interesting fact that you can retain unlike those childhood visits where you were likely a bit more distracted.

29. Play a FUN prank on your spouse.– On your own, or as a team with the kids, fill up water guns and lie in wait… make a “sugar”(salt) cookie for them to enjoy.  But just remember to keep it fun and lighthearted and…. expect retaliation. 🙂

31. Daydream up a love story and write it together. –  You write out a paragraph, referring to yourself by name.   Make sure to leave it in a cliffhanger and Then email or text it to your spouse and say “your turn”

32. Attend (or create your own) Paint and Sip –  Paint and sips are AWESOME.  Let me say that again.  Paint and Sips are AWESOME!   I can’t say enough good things! But in reality… they are a bit pricey… Instead – Sign up for an online Paint & Sip course or use YOU TUBE!

33. Volunteer together.  If you’re not interested in your local soup kitchen or food pantry, try volunteering for children or youth ministry at your local church!  This is a great way to feel purposed!

34. Go to an Arcade –  Popular arcades like Dave and Busters can be pretty pricey but playing arcade games could be as simple as visiting a local Pizza Hut!

36. Color a picture together.    Pick up some adult coloring pages online or in the store and spend an hour coloring.. It’s a great stress reliever! (Just a note: these are easiest with colored pencils!)

37. See a play/Musical together – High school plays are a great cost saver!

38. Teach something together  – This one could take so many different routes.. from renting a space and having a full-scale class to doing a bible study in your home! This is a great way to learn to work together!

39. Go to an open house.  – Even if you have no intention of buying a home, find an open house and take a tour.  Daydream about the features you like and appreciate the feature your home has that this one doesn’t!

40.  Go hiking –  Mountain areas are great for hiking but hiking through a wildflower meadow could be fun too!   Don’t forget to pack some snacks so you can take a break!

41.  Have a dollar store project contest – Each spouse gets an allotted amount of money. ($10 would be appropriate but you could make do with $5).   Then go to the dollar store and get your items and set a time.  The person with the best and most functional “project/craft” wins!  Loser has to clean-up!

42. Play truth or dare-  Bring back this elementary school favorite for a little fun.   Play it with the kids for some family time or play on your own for a something a little more Riskè

43. Go to a museum – My personal favorite is children’s museums!  I love the hands-on activities and awesome demonstrations.. but if an adult museum is more your speed then that works too!

44.  Shoot a music video or skit – This one honestly sounds insanely fun to me!   I love to act and the idea of creating a music video with my hubby … AHH, still my heart.   If you’re really brave… maybe you’ll post it to youtube or facebook and become an internet sensation!

45. Have a pizza party. – Spend an evening making pizza crust and topping it with all your favorites… everyone gets their own!

46.  Play Family Feud –  Invite some friends over or split up the kids and play your own version of Family Feud.  Just remember that some of the questions can be a tad on the adult side so you may want to have someone review them ahead of time! (BTW- You can pick up the board game here.

47. Go Mini Golfing/ or go-karting-  Keeping with the competition theme take a night out to play mini golf or drive a go-kart.  Suddenly, the weekend will feel like a mini vacation!

48. Go skating/ice skating – Bring back the 80’s and 90’s at the skating rink!

49. Go biking riding – If you don’t have a bike, borrow one or rent one from a local shop.  Then take a bike ride in the local park or someplace equally as great!

50. Visit a local tourist attraction – Almost every area has at least ONE tourist attraction.  Many times, the locals are the ones who have NEVER visited!  Take a day to visit some local attractions to see what your town has to offer.

51.  Play Hide and Seek around town –   Go shopping or get coffee while your spouse tries to find you.  Give him 3 clues and see how quickly he catches on.  After 30 minutes.. send another clue.  Keep repeating the process until he finds you or texts “Olly Olly oxen free.”
52. See a variety act-  Find a comedian, magician or a circus and see what variety acts have to offer!   This is another great way to make a weekend feel more like a vacation!


In case you didn’t notice, there are 52 ideas here… one for each week of the year!   I’m a huge advocate of trying something new each week!    Obviously, you’ll want to plan around your budget!  Save up for the more expensive options on the list and choose the free ones on weeks that you don’t have a lot of extra cash flow!   But every week, pick on fun activity and make adulthood fun!


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