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Like most moms, I wear many hats.  I'm a mom, a wife, a financial planner, a home decorator, a chef, a maid, a preschool teacher and a creator.   Even though we have different names for all the things we do, like "meal planning," "Budgeting," and "disciplining,"  the truth is: they all boil down to just ONE thing. Managment.  We've been thrown into a management role and we are getting a crash course in everything from event planning to appointment setting.  

   What This Website Is Really About

My Mission, at WnW, is to empower wives and mothers to manage all aspects of their lives efficiently and effectively by giving them the best resources and knowledge available.

Why I started Wealthy n Wise

As a teacher, I learned the importance of "cross-curricular" education really quickly.  The basic idea is simple - teaching multiple things at one time.  Implementing it, however, can be a bit harder. Since having children (including a set of twins), this skill has become invaluable asset for managing our home.  

My husband frequently says "I don't know how you do everything!" and to be honest, sometimes I don't exactly know how I managed it either! That's why I'm now challenging myself to break down my processes into valuable chunks  to help you, my readers!

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Jodi Perez

Hi, I'm Jodi and I am the writer behind Wealthy N Wise.    I am a wife to Wil and a Mother to three beautiful children, including one set of twin boys.   I have a bachelor's degree in elementary education and I am a certified life coach.  I started Wealthy N Wise over a year ago when I decided I wanted to be a stay at home mom.  It's been quite a journey and I'm on top of the world to be able to stay at home while still contributing to our family! You can read more about my story  HERE or connect with me on Social Media!

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