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How much money does a blogger make and other common question about blogging.
Oct 18

How Much Money Do Bloggers Make?

By Jodi Perez | Budgeting , Work At Home

How much money does the average blogger make? Asking “How much money do bloggers?” is like asking, “how much money does a grocery store make?”   The question is so broad it’s almost impossible to give an actual answer.  But I’m going to try my best to give you a good idea! The problem with giving […]

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Do you ever wonder how people keep their whites so, well, white? I did too! SO I decided to find out! You can check out my findings here! #laundryhacks
Sep 27

5 Tips to Keep your Whites White

By Jodi Perez | Cleaning Tips , Homemaking

HOW TO KEEP WHITES WHITE I’ve always dreamed of having a home filled with beautiful white linens. In my imagination, our bedrooms are light and airy with beds covered in hotel style comforters. There’s just one problem.  Figuring out How to keep the whites white. In our home, whites just don’t like to stay white.  Admittedly, […]

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Jun 12

Father’s Day Coloring Cards

By Jodi | Homemaking , Parenting

Growing up, one of my Dad’s favorite activities was going out to breakfast at local diners.   Father’s Day, still brings with it the memories of a 30-minute drive to my Dads favorite mountaintop dinner.    That tradition lingered well into adulthood.  Each year, I would make the four and a half hour drive home from […]

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