High Protein is a Priority In our house, we need of a high protein diet. See, we've got at least 1 adult and 1 child with ADHD, and protein has been shown to have some positive effects on it's symptoms. But we've also got to be quick because.. well... adhd.That's

We all know that life can be stressful, and some periods are more stressful and anxiety-ridden than others. Many of us also know that exercise can help to relieve stress and anxiety naturally, but did you know that there are foods that help to relieve stress and anxiety naturally? Let’s

babys bottom

Who else wants to learn how to treat a rash on their baby? The raw baby rash can be very painful for your little one and usually comes from damp diapers, rubbing, or skin sensitivity. Even a baby diaper that’s put on too tightly can be a cause of red

Kids are Messy - Check out this article with 9 MAGIC tricks that help keep your home clean!

Sometimes it feels impossible to keep a clean house with kids.   "How did this house get so messy?”I've said these words about 150 thousand times.  Honestly, with 3 kids ages 6 and under... keeping it clean feels impossible!  I've searched and scoured to find cleaning hacks that would help my

Image of a newlywed couple at the beginning stages of marriage and an older couple in the final marriage stage

Marriage goes through stages. For a long time, psychologists have debated over how many marriage stages actually exist.  Is it 4? 5? or 7?    Although they agree that marriage does, in fact, go through stages, they can’t quite decide how to and where one stage begins and another ends.  But

Rice and Beans are perfect for making inexpensive healthy meals

Foods that keep your family healthy and full without breaking the bank. Everyone wants to save money on groceries, but not everyone knows how to do so without feeding their family junk foods. Things such as boxed meals and ramen noodles are cheap, but they’re full of preservatives and sodium

In the current economy, many people are looking for ways to cut expenses. One item that can really rack up the bills is pet food. People want the best for their pets but can not always afford what is best for their pets. How do you cut costs without harming your

Woman looking for sales at the grocery store

With skyrocketing food prices, it is not easy to keep your grocery bill under control. But there are ways you can plan nutritious yet inexpensive meals for your family. Don’t Menu-Plan Until You Know What’s on Sale Most meal planning involves picking your family’s favorite meals, making a list of

Boy lauging: ADHD children have uninhibited emotions

Before you crucify me, read on. This is what it REALLY looks like to have a child with ADHD. And if you’re a mom who doesn’t “believe in ADHD” then I sincerely hope this will be eye-opening for you. And if you’re a mom who’s got an ADHD child, then

Teaching a child to write can be challenging all by itself. But you’d be surprised to find that most schools expect children to come into kindergarten already knowing how to write both their first and last name!If you’re child is just getting started with name writing then don’t worry! These