PIN NOW! Prepare your 4-year-old for kindergarten with this article that gives you 8 things you should be teaching your 4-year-old.

YOU MIGHT NOT BE READY  BUT THEY SHOULD BE. Grab this FREE Kindergarten Readiness Checklist! Are you wondering what you should teach your four-year-old? In the years I spent teaching and directing preschool, I began realizing that parents really had no idea what to teach a four-year-old.  In fact, at the beginning

Teaching a child to write can be challenging all by itself. But you’d be surprised to find that most schools expect children to come into kindergarten already knowing how to write both their first and last name!If you’re child is just getting started with name writing then don’t worry! These

Doing Homework (or Homeschool Work) with a child who has ADHD might feel pretty impossible sometimes.   Between your child’s impulsive tendencies, inability to regulate actions, lack of focus,  and lack of motivation, you might find yourself ready to throw in the towel.Fortunately, there are some ways to help your child

New mothers who choose to breastfeed their little ones are frequently concerned about the amount of breast milk that their bodies are producing. They often worry that they aren’t producing enough to keep their baby fed, or they may be concerned because they need to develop a freezer supply of

Creating a War Room Prayer Strategy The idea of a war room prayer strategy was made popular in 2015 when the movie “War Room” was released in theaters. The basic idea is that an older woman whose husband was once a general in the army, took the concept of the war

High Protein is a Priority In our house, we need of a high protein diet. See, we've got at least 1 adult and 1 child with ADHD, and protein has been shown to have some positive effects on it's symptoms. But we've also got to be quick because.. well... adhd.That's

We all know that life can be stressful, and some periods are more stressful and anxiety-ridden than others. Many of us also know that exercise can help to relieve stress and anxiety naturally, but did you know that there are foods that help to relieve stress and anxiety naturally? Let’s

babys bottom

Who else wants to learn how to treat a rash on their baby? The raw baby rash can be very painful for your little one and usually comes from damp diapers, rubbing, or skin sensitivity. Even a baby diaper that’s put on too tightly can be a cause of red

Kids are Messy - Check out this article with 9 MAGIC tricks that help keep your home clean!

Sometimes it feels impossible to keep a clean house with kids.   "How did this house get so messy?”I've said these words about 150 thousand times.  Honestly, with 3 kids ages 6 and under... keeping it clean feels impossible!  I've searched and scoured to find cleaning hacks that would help my

Image of a newlywed couple at the beginning stages of marriage and an older couple in the final marriage stage

Marriage goes through stages. For a long time, psychologists have debated over how many marriage stages actually exist.  Is it 4? 5? or 7?    Although they agree that marriage does, in fact, go through stages, they can’t quite decide how to and where one stage begins and another ends.  But