January 22, 2019

On the hunt for stay-at-home date night ideas? I’ve got you covered!

If you are anything like us, then long gone are the days of jumping in the car and doing something spontaneous.
Date night in with in with the love of my life

These days, date night requires a bit more effort.  And to be honest, sometimes “going out” on a date just isn’t worth the effort of finding a sitter.

Thankfully – Spending time with the hubby and “going out” aren’t always the same thing!

So don’t give up on Date Nights just yet!  You can steal one of these great stay-at-home date ideas too!

The Date Night In Box

We’ve just ordered our first Date Night In box for Valentine’s Day and I’m pretty excited to share our experience!  (Be expecting a review of this product soon!)  According to the website – they offer different “dates” that seem to follow the seasons.  They also have a “faith” box that incorporates faith into your date nights!  You can check it out for yourself here.

Have a Cook OFF

In true Food Network Style,  have a full-scale cook-off with your spouse.  (or an anything-off really. Competition is fun!)   To add an extra challenge – try choosing key ingredients for each other that must be incorporated into the meal!

Play Truth or Dare

As a new twist on an old favorite, you can grab these cards and play truth or dare with your spouse!  But beware – the dare cards may be a BIT outside of your comfort zone..  IF you prefer to be able to choose something a little less daring… try these cards instead!


We are a weird karaoke family.   The truth is that we randomly turn on YouTubeand have a Karaoke night with the kids…
But to have one with just me and hubby means that we won’t be forced to sing “How far I’ll Go” from Moana 25 times.
We have this karaoke machine and my kids love how it turns the room into a disco party but to be honest, I’ve been dying to buy one of these awesome karaoke pedestals but my hubby has vetoed purchasing another one for now.
(Although, I may  be able to convince him to purchase one of these wireless mics so we can be a bit more portable!)

Paint and Sip

Take an online Paint and Sip class from Udemy and learn to paint like an artist!  My husband and I once went to a live paint and sip class and it still goes down in history as one of our absolute FAVORITE things we’ve ever done.  We were both amazed at home simple it was to paint the picture when we were walked through it step by step!
The classes are pricey so we haven’t been able to go back again but we’ve done the online version a few times and we still love it!  You can grab your “paint and sip” supply kit from Amazon.


Not much can be a simple game night when it comes to staying in.   So whether you invite friends over or go it alone, game night is a simple way to enjoy time together!
These are a few of our go-to game-night games!


What’s your favorite Date Night In? Share with us in the comments!


These Date Night ideas will make you WANT to Stay at Home. #Datenight #Stayathome

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