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Nov 25
Best Blogging Course \ my review of Bloggers Tell All

My Honest Review of Bloggers Tell All (One of the BEST Blogging courses I've ever taken!)

Since the day I met "The Bloggers"  I've been a bit starstruck.   Having the opportunity to pick the brain of some of the most successful bloggers online still has me baffled! 

Before I signed up, I had taken so many blogging courses that claimed to teach "How to Blog for Profit," or "How to Hit 100,000 Pageviews".   I'd read about every eBook available and signed up for newsletters from countless "How to Start a Blog" bloggers.

Most of these blogging guru's had made their money by teaching others to "start a blog." And let's be honest, that's an easier market.   I knew I was still missing some integral pieces of the puzzle.

Enter Bloggers Tell All.

I'll never forget the day I "met" Becky from Your Modern Family.  I was hanging out with a friend of mine, getting a free makeover (She had recently started an MLM business.)

As she outlined my eyebrows, she asked how my blog was doing.  

"Oh, it's good.  It's really slow starting but I know a lot of people make great money doing it so I figured, 'Why not me?'"

"Oh, Definitely!" She was her typical encouraging self. "A friend I grew up with has a blog with his wife."

"Really? What's the name of it?"   (Now, you should know that I was expecting her to list off some dinky blog I'd never heard of.)

"Your Modern Family," she said, as if it were no big deal.  "Her name is Becky Mansfield."

My Jaw quite literally dropped open.  "You KNOW Becky Mansfield?"   I had been oogling Becky's site for months.  Drooling over her beautiful custom theme.  

In fact, I had read a post just that week that talked about the fact that she had met President Obama!   I mean, seriously, she's kind of famous, at least in my eyes!

One thing led to another and my friend mentioned my name to Becky. After a quick back and forth on Facebook, Becky invited me to Join her membership group/course "Bloggers Tell All."

That day quite literally changed the course of my blog.  I had been working my way through the Billionaire Blog Club (now Dare to Conquer) which was fantastic from a business viewpoint and had done wonders for my blog.

But his approach is very business centered, not blog centered. And I really didn't have a product or course to build a business around at that point.

"Bloggers Tell All," on the other hand,  gave me a completly different viewpoint. A woman's viewpoint.  A social viewpoint.  A MOTHER'S viewpoint.  

This matters so much when the audience for your site is specifically women! These ladies know how to market advice to women and make money doing it!

Bloggers tell all Review

What's inside of Blogger's Tell All?

On the teachable side of Blogger's Tell All, you recieve a large list of modules.   The information available there ranges from the "best choices for hosting" to "how to rank #1 on Google".  And let me be clear here - these ladies KNOW how to rank #1 on Google.

There are also courses, examples, and templates for creating mediakits, pitching sponsorships and more.  These ladies are next level blogging influencers!


Inside of the members-only facebook group, "The Bloggers"  are available for questions at all times.  Not to mention, the other members of the group are incredibly knowledgeable. 

But it's more than just availability, it's opportunity.   Every Monday, they do a share thread where you have and opportunity to share one of your posts and ask for shares, pins, tweets, etc.    

You have to remember that this group is FULL of ladies with HUGE social followings.  When you get shares in this group, you get serious traction!   

Add to that, the site reviews that they do live!  You can watch as they review other members sites and take notes or you can sign up to have your own site reviewed. 

The bottom line:  These ladies know what new bloggers need!  I am still soo thankful that I found them!

Blogger's Tell All - The Bad

I'll be the first to admit, there are a few small things about the group that I wish I would have known at the beginning.  

1.) Because you are in a group with blogging powerhouses, it's easy to feel a bit depressed at your own progress.  Although they outright encourage you to do so, you will most likely feel a bit silly asking a question that you think only a "newbie" would ask.  ​

But be encouraged, even if you can't work up the courage to ask your question, someone else has probably already asked it and you can easily use the search feature within the group to find your answer!  Stick it out and before long, you'll find that you are the one answering questions!

2.) You aren't getting a day by day guided tour of blogging.   Although they do make a profit off the group, these ladies are still running their own, very profitable, blogs.

What that means:
Unfortunately for us, that means that they can't spend months prepping and launching a full scale blogging curriculum like EBA or Dare to Conquer

On the bright side, that also means that the membership is MUCH more affordable than full scale blogging courses (and I assure you - you'll receive more valueable info than you have in almost any course available online!)

3.) I'm not really sure if I should call this a negative, but this membership isn't well advertised.  (This may be by design?)  But if it hadn't been for my friend, I probably would have never found it!   (Thanks Tara!)

That's the #1 reason I've chosen to write this review!  I want to share this AMAZING group with others who feel like they are drowning a bit and begging for a little direction for their blogs!

The Bottom Line:
Would I reccomend Blogger's Tell All?

Obviously the answer is yes!  I am so incredibly grateful for these ladies and the growth I've seen since I began my membership! At only $47/month, you just are not going to find this kind of value in any other course!    Are you ready to check it out?

An honest review of Bloggers Tell All , The best blogging course for the least money

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