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Have you ever found yourself wondering how in the world you were going to get “all the things” done in the days time?

I find myself wondering this question almost every day.  Whether you’re a working mom, a stay at home mom or a work at home mom juggling the day to day can be stressful as we all try to live up to a Pinterest perfect life.  

A half clean house and quick meal is usually good enough for our go-with-the-flow family…. until it’s not.

Like when we get a short notice that a visit from the in-laws are enroute!

So…if you ever find yourself in one of these situations where you need a fast clean up and a good meal.  Here are a few tips that I have found quite helpful!

3 ways to make your house guest-ready in less than 60 minutes

Essential oils

3 kids and 2 dogs…this combo isn’t always pleasantly aromatic. 

 I don’t know about anyone else,  but when you vacuum all the time with animals in the house, the vacuum filter gets pretty dirty and actually makes the house smell worse as it pushes the dog smell around as you’re cleaning.  

Unless you have time to frequently and deep clean your vacuum filters too….which I do not!  

So…. before I vacuum,  I drop a few drops of refreshing Essential oils into my vacuum filter,  and it fills the air with a nice clean scent as I clean.  

My favorite blends are eucalyptus with peppermint or lavender with lemongrass.  Both blends make the house smell as you’ve just spent some time deep cleaning! 


My table and countertops must have been built with hidden magnets that just collect everyone’s junk all day.   

A house can be pretty clean….but still looks messy when there’s nothing but clutter on the tables.  

I keep about 3 bins on the bottom of the stairs.  So in a hurry…I can at least clear the clutter and organize what needs to go where…without putting everything away.  

Then later I can carry my bin upstairs or give my daughter all of her belongings to put away!

HomeModele Step Basket

Quick meal hack

I don’t always have time to make a slow cooked meal.  

I use these frozen flavor pods when cooking.  Sauteed caramelized frozen onions or garlic.  

I pop one of these into the skillet with whatever I’m making and it gives such a flavor boost… without the actual work of cutting up the onion and sautéing it.  

I use them every time I want to make spaghetti but don’t have time to cook a good sauce.  

Pop a couple of these babies in with the jarred sauce and it tastes like it’s cooked all day!

And  voila!  Three simple hacks to get a cleaner house and a good meal on the table in no time!

About the Author

This post was Authored by Lisa Ball, LPN Lisa is a Licensed Practical Nurse and Mother to three beautiful children.  Before being promoted to stay at home mom, she was a nursing instructor at a technical school where she taught high school students the foundational concepts of health, medicine, and nursing.

From Hot Mess to Happy Host in 60 minutes or less!