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My kids love peanut butter and Jelly. Maybe it’s just me, but I always feel like this is the messiest, stickiest food a kid can eat.

Sticky, syrupy smushed up fruit, smeared together with sticky, creamy, thick Peanut butter and smooshed between two slices of bread. When you cut that thing down the middle, you’re bound to make a mess as it oozes out the sides. I mean who’s idea was this anyway?

But since I love my kids and they love PB&J, I decided to find a less messy way to make this classic lunch food.

These PB& J Sliders are a twist on the classic that have some major improvements built in!

First off, they don’t really need to be cut in half because they are small enough for little hands and little mouths.

Secondly, the soft bun-like bread doesn’t crumble or allow the contents of your sandwich to end up on the outside of the bread!

And of course, the fact that the bun itself makes the sandwhich that much more delicious.

Whether you’re looking for lunch at home or an easy lunchbox food, these are a GREAT option and their quite simple to make.

To ensure that you get the same great results, I’ve shared my process below!

Start with the best ingredients.

I like to use the Kings’s Hawaiian rolls because I personally think they taste the best and have the best texture. They are also the perfect size for our sliders.

For peanut butter, we use Jiff Natural because it’s got natural ingredients but doesn’t require stirring (who has time for that… am I right?)

And Welches Natural strawberry is our personal favorite as far as jelly goes, but you could of course go with whatever one you prefer.

FIRST – Use a serrated knife to cut your slider buns in half. Remember to let the teeth do the work and not to press to firmly on the bun or you will end up squashing your slider!

Next – Using a shot glass (your thumb works too!) compress the center of the bun on each side to create a “bowl” for you PB&J. When you’re done it should look like this.

Add one small spoonful of jelly to one side of the slider and one small spoonful of peanut butter to the other side. I do usually spread the Peanut butter just slightly outside of it’s “bowl” in order to help seal the sandwhich.

Fold your slider closed and Voila! You’ve got PB& J Sliders. We like to wrap ours in wax paper and take them along with us in lunchboxes or on the go!

Remember, because the sliders are so small, you really don’t need to cut them in half. We’ve cut us for the sake of the pictures below but it’s really added unnecessary mess!


PB & J Sliders | Half the mess, twice the fun