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Calm the Chaos in your home in 30 days or less!

Behavior management for a child with ADHD can be a minefield that feels impossible to navigate.  

You love your child, but somehow your plans of being the "perfect" parent have gone out the window.  Lately, if you make it to bed without screaming at your child, you count it a success. 

Sound familiar?  It did for me.   

For over a year I just barely held on to my sanity while my son quite literally destroyed our home.  When we were in public, he spoke too loudly, invaded others' space, and grabbed at anything that caught his attention.   

I was exhausted and I had lost all the joy of parenting.   At night, when he would finally go to bed, I would attempt to read parenting books, searching for answers.  But nothing seemed to be the right fit for us.

And then something happened that made me realize that all of the behavioral management techniques I had used as a teacher were useless here.  

I was standing in the grocery line and the woman behind me was yelling at her child.  At first, I thought she was overreacting.  Then when I turned around, I saw her child climbing the candy rack to reach the top shelf.   

"Get down or I'm taking a star off your chart," she said, clearly panicked.  She was carrying a large amount of groceries in her arms and she knew that her words were her only weapon at the moment.   And she was using them to the best of her ability.

That's when I glanced up at her face.  It was an old co-worker of mine.  A teacher.

I quickly flashed back to a conversation I'd had in the teacher's lounge. "Teacher's kids are always the worst," someone had claimed.  I clearly remember thinking that MY child wouldn't be "the worst."  Sigh... 

But he was... wasn't he?  This child wasn't my student.  He was my son and he needed my help as much as I needed him to behave.  That's when I began developing the M.A.G.I.C. formula.    

Within a month, I began seeing BIG differences in his behavior but I was still worried that perhaps I hadn't stumbled on a long term solution.  Perhaps I was only scratching the surface.

So I gave it some time.  I observed, measured and tweaked, and I gave it a name: The M.A.G.I.C. Formula.

2 years later, the M.A.G.I.C. formula is still working for my little guy.

It's quite honestly one of the simplest things I've ever done.   But I am a teacher after all and that means, I already had a lot of underlying knowledge about what makes kids tick.  

And that's why I created the series.  Because every mother, father, gaurdian, or teach out there dealing with an ADHD child needs to know what makes them tick.. and how to get them to tick faster, slower, quieter, louder etc!


What is the magic formula for disciplining an ADHD Child: Infographic

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there really a "MAGIC" formula for discipline?

Yes... and no.
Of course you know that every kid is different.  SO teaching you a "technique" won't solve your problem. 

You aren't going to walk away from this series with a new version of time-out or a suggestion to spank your child.

 In fact, the actual methods of discipline will be up to you.   But what you WILL learn, is how to implement ANY technique in a way that will be effective for your child.

Have you ever heard the old addage: "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat forever."

When it comes to discipline, this is the whole idea.  This series is set up to give you a TOOLKIT for disciplining a child with ADHD.  As your child grows, you may need to reach back into that toolkit and pull out a new technique.   This series will teach you how to do that effectively!

Why are you selling a magic formula for $7? Are you trying to sell me something else?

Nope! There won't be a "one time offer" at the end of this series.  To be honest, I would happily give away this information 100% for free if I could.  But I sell the series for an affordable price for 2 reasons.  

#1: We've all got a family to feed: including me!
#2: I want every ADHD child out there to have a parent who knows what they need.

How are you qualified to teach this?

This is a great question and I'm glad you asked!   Honestly, sometimes I think we are all just guessing our way through life (even doctors!). But I can offer you a uniquely qualified perspective based on my own personal experience with ADHD, my experience as an ADHD mom, and a background in education.  

For Example:

- I am a mother of a young child with instense ADHD who has learned to effectively manage his behavior.
- I am currently being evaluated for an ADHD diagnosis myself after years of researching the disorder.
- I am the daughter of a man who I highly suspect had undiagnoses ADHD.
- I am a teacher who has helped many students with ADHD become successful.