The one thing you NEED to have a relaxing vacation with kids.

June 13, 2018

A few years back we were searching for the best vacation for 2-year-olds. Unfortunately, the best suggestions (think Disney Cruise!) Our first trip to the beach with three children was nothing short of chaos.

Our twin boys were only 18 months old (and our daughter wasn’t quite 3) and I spent more time chasing them away from the water than we did playing in the sand.

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Every day, we’d gather enough items to warrant the use of a pack mule, lug it all down to the beach and then proceed to forget about 90% of it for the majority of the day.

By the time we stumbled, sun-weary and bone-tired back in the door of our hotel room, the last thing I wanted to do was have to set up portable cribs.   I spent most of the trip promising myself that I would NEVER have another vacation like this.

True to my word,  we decided that our next vacation should be a cruise.  We had the most wonderful 4-night Disney cruise.   Every morning, we strolled leisurely down to the restaurant for breakfast.   We took naps as we pleased, dressed and undressed for the pool multiple times each day.  Not one time did we have to strap anyone into a car seat make anyone wait to take their nap.   By the end of our cruise, I was wishing we had chosen a longer one.

But cruises (especially Disney) are expensive and for the typical family, they just can’t be a yearly event.   My wheels began turning.  How can I possibly recreate the relaxation of a cruise without the cost?   I scoured the internet looking for reasonably priced resorts.  An all-inclusive type deal that would allow us to just enjoy our time without worrying about finding our way around town.  Unfortunately, these types of resorts also come with a hefty price tag.

I thought back to my childhood.   Our vacations had always been so relaxing.  Was it just that I had been a child then?

And then it struck me:  We always rented a vacation home.   


I can remember stumbling out to the kitchen of our vacation home for pop tarts and juice in the mornings or staying up late in the living room watching movies.   Spending evenings swimming in the screened-in the pool.  Some of the rental homes we stayed in even had a hot tub for the grown-ups!

When you are a parent, there really is NO better way to vacation.  Not only can you put the children in their room at bedtime and sit down for a relaxing evening with the spouse but you’ve also got the luxury of relaxing at the house during the day instead of expending every ounce of energy (and money) flitting from one activity to the next.

poolWhen the afternoons at the amusement parks get too warm, swim at “home” and wait for the day to cool down.

Not to mention, all the money you’ll save on eating being able to eat breakfast (and maybe lunch) at home!

Before the days of the internet, it used to be difficult to find a vacation rental and you never knew what you were getting until you got there.  Now you can jump on a website like TurnKey Rental Homes and take a virtual tour or read reviews to find the perfect house for your family.

Summer vacations should be filled with family time and memories, not exhaustion and agendas.  So take my word for it, don’t stuff your family in a hotel room for 10 days!  RENT A VACATION HOME – and make vacationing with kids relaxing!


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