October 2, 2018

Looking for some easy to implement tips that will make parenting your ADHD child easier?

 You’ve scoured the internet HOPING to find the perfect supplement that will magically fix your child’s overwhelming behavior. Or maybe some advice for parenting an ADHD child that will instantly change your life.

Maybe You’ve even considered medicating your child but still have mixed feelings about adhd medication for kids.

You’ve joined the facebook groups,  you’ve talked to friends and family, but nothing works.

I understand your struggle.  ADHD warriors, we’ve seen it all, heard it all, and probably punished it all. (right?)

I know you’ve heard advice like  “Get her into a good routine,” or worse  “He just needs a good spanking.”   >> Insert eye roll here <<

Well if you’re anything like me.  Advice like “Change his diet”  sounds about as easy to you as “Build an Engine.”

Ummm.. okay….what?I mean.. How?

It’s taken a while but I’ve finally gathered a list of medicine free techniques that actually move the needle for my little guy.

10 Simple things I do regularly to make life with my ADHD Child a little easier.


This was a probably one of the simplest and MOST EFFECTIVE things we did.   My little man LOVES juice.  But most juices are full of sugar and artificial junk.  

This idea came about one day when I  was on a diet that required a lemon juice detox and a light bulb went on!

 I began wondering if lemonade could have the same detoxifying results on my son.

Now, it’s important to remember that most lemonades are NOT made of real lemon juice so make sure that you pay close attention to the ingredient list.

You can also make your own lemonade with pure lemon juice concentrate use this method to juice your own lemons quickly.

I mix it with water and Stevia for an all-natural juice like a drink with absolutely no sugar.

ADHD STRATEGy: Start taking vitamins.

Keeping a vitamin regimen straight can be VERY difficult.  There are so many opinions out there on what works and what doesn’t.  

But honestly, not every child responds the same or eats the same.  So what works for one won’t work for another.

For our family there are only TWO vitamins that I feel make a real and legitimate difference in our son’s behavior!1.)  Magnesium  ( THIS brand is the one we use!)2.)  Smarty Pants Vitamin with Omega 3 and DHA. 

The week we began taking these vitamins, my little guy came home from preschool with positive reports for the first time ever.   

What’s even better is that, I never told his teachers that I had made a change so I know they weren’t biased.  This stuff works.  But don’t take my word for it, Click the links above and read the reviews!!!

Help your ADHD child get on the right track by Doing chores TOGETHER

Okay, this may not be that simple at first.   Doing chores with a child -especially a young child can be, shall we say.. somewhat unproductive?  

But here’s the deal,  we all know that giving children chores teaches responsibility but sometimes doing the task yourself is quicker and easier.

 Instead, you could choose a third option.  Assign your child a chore and then offer to help.  For example,  this week, his/her job is to load the dishwasher after dinner.  

While finishing up dinner, say something like “You’re on dish duty tonight. Would you mind if I help you?”

This accomplishes 4 things.

                  1. The dishes get done without a fight.

                  2. Your child feels like you’re on his/her team

                  3. You’ve bought yourself an in for one on one time.

                  4. You get the opportunity to teach them to do the job properly.


Help your ADHD Child with homework with these quick tips

Let your ADHD Child know you care  by Playing something of his choice.

As parents of a child with a disability, we have a tendency to scour the internet for tips, tricks, and things to keep them busy.  Sometimes, the best choice is to play with them.  

If your child is playing legos, simply sit down next to them and start building. If she is playing barbies, get your barbie voice on.  

This is another great opportunity to get some quality time in and it shows your child that you are interested in what they are doing even when they are behaving.   Also, it will give you a chance to practice number 7.

Show your ADHD child how to behave by Intentionally modeling or role playing good behaviors

When you are talking to your children, your husband, or friends.  Be very intentional about modeling the behavior you would like your child to use.  For example, If your child tends to speak very loudly when they talk and you would like to teach him/her to speak more quietly then an intentional modeling conversation would look something like this:  

 Begin speaking very loudly to your child about one of his favorite topics. Then, stop mid-sentence and say “oh excuse me, I was talking too loudly,” then proceed to speak to him in a quieter voice.  

Or If aggressive behavior and fighting with siblings is a problem, play along with them as a group, intentionally modeling conflict resolution strategies. Do this regularly and eventually he WILL pick up the habit.

Build your ADHD child’s patience by intentionally Making him/her wait

When my son was a toddler, he was very demanding.  I made the mistake of trying to fill his needs quickly in order to calm his fits.  It took quite a while before I realized I was actually teaching him to tantrum.  

Now, I make it a point to put him in a position where he has to wait.  For example,  I used to prepare our dinner plates and keep them on the counter until I was ready to sit down.

 Eventually, I learned that putting a plate full of food in front of him and requiring him to wait the 3 minutes until we had all sat down to say grace was actually giving him an opportunity to learn self-control.  

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not always easy at first, but start small and then as he/she learns, add more opportunity and longer waits.

For your child, waiting is not natural, it is a learned skill and you ARE doing him/her a favor by offering this training.

Calm your ADHD Child before bed by Putting Epsom Salt in his nighttime bath.

In addition to the magnesium supplements above, adding Epsom salt will allow your child to take in magnesium more naturally.  And adding Epsom salt to your nighttime bath routine can make a huge difference!

Most experts in the field agree that supplementing magnesium for six months will result in a significant decrease in hyperactivity!

Not to mention, simply the routine of taking a warm bath is calming  Also, magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer which will leave your child feeling ready to lie still for bedtime!  

We personally love this one for baths before bed. (We used to use a lavender blend (and we still do for our daughter) but research suggests that regular use of lavender may not safe for proper male development.

Sometimes, we do this before school to help him stay alert and focused for his day, and for that we use the detoxify and energize blend!

Play music while he/she sleeps.

Playing music for your child at bedtime is RIDICULOUSLY helpful.   It cues the brain that it’s time to sleep (this is especially true if you play the same music every night.)   It canalso help tune out the distractions of whats going outside of thier bedroom.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, playing the right music can help with your child’s brain development long term.   We recently started using the “ADHD Lullaby” tracks for our sons and we ABSOLUTELY love it.  According to their website:

 “ADHD Lullaby™ uses a patent pending method of recording music based upon principles from Neuroscience to specifically help children with ADHD fall asleep easier and stay asleep through the night.”

We use our Music unlimited subscription to stream it free!   YOU CAN USE THIS LINK TO GET A 30 DAY FREE TRIAL.

BONUS: Take your ADHD child to the Chiropractor

Because I really want to make your life easier. I couldn’t leave this one out.  Find a chiropractor who specializes in children’s neurology and make]an appointment.  

He/she will be able to tell you in just one visit if your child has a weakness in one hemisphere of the brain. Also, the doctor will stimulate your child’s weak spots and give you a few exercises to do at home!

So there it is..  I hope these ADHD tips help make your home just a little calmer.

Do you have an awesome tip to make ADHD more bearable?   I’d love to hear it!  Share it in the comments below.

10 weird but effective tips for helping your adhd child improve.   Parenting an ADHD Child is hard.

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  1. What about adult ADHD
    Children grow up and ADHD doesn’t go away. How do you deal with them.

    1. Hey Mary,
      ADHD often gets less aggressive as an adult when the ability to make your own choices comes into play. But absolutely Adults can struggle with it.. I do! I find that alot of these same techniques work with me! (If my husband does the dishes with me.. I’m WAY more likely to finish them!) Each individual situation is different… Do you have a specific situation you’re having trouble with?

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