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Looking for a DIY Welcome sign like no other?

 I love decorating for every holiday.  So, when I decided to make my own porch sign, I wanted to make it customizable to the seasons.  

Follow these steps and you’ll have a one of a kind sign…over and over again!

I found an old piece of wood laying in the garage and decided to give it a purpose.  Handy tip: You could go to any lumber or hardware store such as Lowes or Home Depot,  pick out a piece of lumber, give an associate the measurements you want and they will cut it for you for free!

Then, I gave it a light sanding and stained it.  

The next day, I took the wooden letters that I purchased from Hobby Lobby, and spray painted them.  I bought a quick drying “modern white” paint.  It was well worth the price as it dried in only 10 minutes!

Next,  I laid out the letters on the board and played with the positioning until I got them just where I wanted them.  I staggered mine just a bit.  I also bought the first and last letters in “welcome” one size bigger than the rest just to give it a little dimension.   

Once I got everything in place, I added a little wood glue to that back of each letter and pressed it on the wood to set and dry. 


I added a couple strips of adhesive backed velcro to the top right corner of my board.

The other half of the velcro will easily adhere to whatever little sign or decorative piece you want to add to your board. 

This will allow me to change up my sign to fit whatever holiday, season, or mood that I’m in!

DIY Seasonal Welcome Sign