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An online science curriculum that’s self-paced and Christ-centered? Yes, please!

Whether you are homeschooling full time or simply supplementing your child’s public school education, you have most likely realized that one of the most difficult curriculums to locate is a science curriculum that’s fully Christ-Centered.  

My 7-year-old son is a science buff (well, at least he thinks he is)  and he’s often telling me all about how the world came into existence and about the life of dinosaurs and their extinction, etc.  

During one particular conversation, I began realizing that nearly everything my son knew about this topic was learned from sources that were definitely not based on the concept of Christian Creationism.  (Think PBS kids).

So when I heard about College Prep Science, I was excited to try out one of their self-paced online classes that are based on the biblical creationist viewpoint. with a creation based view. 

The science courses are really aimed for grades 4 -12 so, unfortunately my son was a bit young for these courses (even thought he’s learning at an accelerated rate), but my daughter was a good fit for it.  

So I partnered up with the College Prep Science team to share one of these amazing courses with you!

We enrolled in the Young Scientist Anatomy and Physiology Course but this is just one of several available courses on the platform.   All of the courses share the same christ-based foundations.   You can check out a full list of College Prep Science Classes here.

Quick overview: College Prep Science Classes

College Prep offers both Self-paced and Live Online Classes with a christ-centered curriculum.  Materials include Printable workbooks, videos, and an online course dashboard. 

Young Scientist Anatomy and Physiology Highlights

The curriculum is Christ-centered

This one is pretty obvious but it’s definitely the number one draw here.

The videos and material do a great job of explaining creationism and how it has led to our modern understanding of science.

  The 4th chapter of the included printable material lays out the creation in beautifully illustrated artwork for visual learners.

It also gives a simple and easy to understand synopsis of each day with additional information about how the world continued to progress.

Teacher, Greg Landry focuses on the things that matter.

My absolute favorite part of this program is that every single video lesson starts with prayer.  I love that my kids are able to see an adult who believes that science and christ go hand-in-hand.

More so, Greg really focuses on the idea of teaching skills over the idea of teaching content.  

It can be difficult to find a curriculum that isn’t focused on force-feeding information for your child.  But Landry’s approach to teaching and learning is to teach kids to “think -deeply, critically, biblically, and creatively.”  

As a former teacher and a mom, I know that this is a skill set that’s often overlooked in the curriculum but is more important than anything else you could possibly teach.  That’s probably why my kids loved this course so much.

A note about note-taking

While we are on the topic of teaching skills, I also love that Landry took an entire lesson to teach the students how to properly take notes.   Again, his focus was truly on making sure the kids knew how to learn.   

There is a wealth of information covered in these science courses

Make no mistake, although Landry works to make sure that you child knows how to learn, he also covers a very large amount of information in each course.   For this reason, you may want to take your time working through the course with your child.  Fortunately, this course is self-paced which means you aren’t required to complete it within a given amount of time.

Bottom Line:

Would I recommend purchasing online science classes from College Prep Science for your homeschooler?

Absolutely!   Science is one of those all-important topics that most curriculum teaches completely inadequately and inaccurately.   

Fortunately, this curriculum not only teaches more accurate information, but it’s also taught in a way that focuses on making sure the students really learn, investigate, and understand what they are being taught.

If you jump over to the College Prep Science Website, you can get access to some of their free material and get a taste for it yourself!

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