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Trying to figure out how to entertain kids at home?

When you are hunkered down in the house with your kids for weeks on end, you may find yourself in a place where you are struggling to keep things calm.

So you’re looking for indoor activities to keep everyone off the electronics and doing something products

Ideas to make “stuck in the house” a little more fun.

1. Play a board game with your family.

Okay.. this one almost goes without saying.. but we obviously can’t leave it out! Try getting your monopoly on this week. (Not a board game fan? Check out number 5 instead!)

2. Have an “Eat what’s in the Pantry” challenge.

I bet you can make something delicious for dinner out of what’s already in there.
Or even better, you could make it a game!

WHO can make the most awesome dish out of what’s in the pantry. Make it more challenging by banning phones from the challenge! If you’re looking up a recipe, you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way!

3. Feed another family

One of the worse parts about schools shutting down (for any reason…including summer!) is that a lot of kids go without food during that time. So if you are able to, try having your kids put together care packages for some other families that you know are in need!

This is a great way to turn their attention away from themselves for a bit.

4. Spring Cleaning down memory lane.

I DON’T ENJOY spring cleaning… But you know what I love? Finding all the memories I’ve stashed away in the back of my closet.

Every once in awhile, I’ll spring clean my closets SPECIFICALLY so I can take some time to look through my old memories and remind myself how much I LOVE the same kids that are driving me crazy!)

5. Family VIDEO game night

I play a mean game of Mario… as in the old school Mario platform game. When it comes to these first-person games, I’m totally hopeless. But my kids and my husband love to watch me try!
Personally, I like to slay them at Mario Kart! This is one of my family’s favorite pastimes and although I’m personally not a big “gamer.” I try to suck it up once in a while and join Gen Z!

6. Learn a new craft or skill together.

This one is definitely my favorite. I’m a life long learner and I thoroughly enjoy developing a new skill!

Thankfully, you don’t even have to leave home to do that anymore. You can learn almost anything online from painting and pottery to How to start a vlog.

Check out SkillShare (Free for 2 months) or buy a cheap course on Udemy.

7. Build the ultimate _______________.
(Lego Castle, blanket Fort, Card house, etc.)

Can you build a house of cards? I most definitely can not. My hands are not that steady and my patience is way too thin. But man.. the Brady Bunch sure makes it look fun!

I may not be able to build a card house but I do make a mean blanket fort! We’ve built them as big as our living room before! Honestly, building almost anything is fun and time-consuming so it’s a great way to pass the minutes while you’re stuck in the house.

8. Oldies but Goodies Marathon

Speaking of the Brady Bunch… give your kids a taste of your childhood, find one of your favorite shows on Amazon Prime and have a marathon!

Kids love to ask a ton of questions about what life was like back in the stone age… My kids seriously think I’m ancient!

9. Karaoke Night

Karaoke is our jam. (Is that not cool to say anymore? Meh.) But seriously… it’s not at all unusual to find our family huddled in the living room with youtube karaoke on the TV.

My husband does a fantastic rendition of “I’ll make a man out of you” from Mulan… and I’ve even caught it on video a few times. So just remember, make everyone put away their phones before you get started unless you want them to have blackmail material!

You can check out our family’s youtube playlist here.

These are just a few quick ideas to make your week in the house a little more fun.

I’m sure you all can come up with many more!

If you’ve got a great one… share it below!

Stuck in the House with Kids  Activities