January 23, 2020

Simple House Cleaning Tips For Keeping a Cleaner Home.

When did Spring Cleaning become an everyday event?

Is it just me or does it seem like the world is less tolerant of dusty curtains and dirty window tracks these days?  

I'm not going to lie.. I am NOT, by any means, a clean freak.  In fact, some days it's all I can do to make sure the dishes get into the dishwasher before bed.   

If ever there was someone who needed speed cleaning tips and quick cleaning hacks, It's me! 

Fortunately, the internet is FULL of brilliant people who freely share their amazing ideas for keeping your house looking, smelling and feel clean every day of the year!  

And today, I've pulled together some of my favorite Home Cleaning Hacks for you!

The Most important house Cleaning Tip:  Start with the right tools

Before you can begin any job, you need to make sure you're going to have the tools you need to complete it!   That's why you should jump over to THIS POST  on What's Up Fagans to get the rundown on what tools you really need to keep your house clean.. OH! And bonus.. she'll also give you a bunch of tips on keeping your tools clean!

Use the same stuff the Pros use to get you're house clean quick!

Sara from the Holy mess gives a full review of this AWESOME spray cleaner in THIS POST.   The stuff not only works like a champ... It's way cheaper than a lot of other cleaners on the market.  



If you don't like chemical cleaners... don't worry.  You can easily mix up a batch of Tea Tree Oil Cleaner with one of these recipes from Thrifty Jinxy.  The best part?   These tea tree recipes are cheap, effective, smell great AND provide pest control... how could you go wrong?

Use a Magic Eraser to clean up random handprints and scuffs on your walls and doors.


Believe it or not... this is the NUMBER ONE thing that make my house feel dirty on a daily basis.  I've got three sets of grubby hands that get rubbed up and down the walls and doors on a daily basis.   We make it a point to clean the walls and doors once per week..  Usually I use my Mr Clean Mop with a fresh pad to run along the walls first and then I follow it up with the Magic Eraser for the tough stuff... You can check out more creative uses for your magic erasers over at A Side of Sweet

If you've still got blinds hanging around... clean them up with an old sock and this easy to make cleaning recipe.

Blinds are gross... seriously.  They collect dust that shines through the minute the sun comes out. But to be fair, they do a great job of keeping the light out when needed.   That's why you may need an easy way to clean them up!    Jump over to Sew Simple Home and get a full tutorial for window cleaning (Including how to get the gunk out of those window tracts. 

Now it's time to conquer the kitchen.

Line your produce drawer with Bounty!

Is there any grosser spot in the kitchen than the produce drawer on the day before you go grocery shopping? Any produce that didn't make the cut just sits there rotting away.   We make it a point to clean out the fridge at least every other week.. But using these tricks from The Soccer Mom Blog will make it 10 times easier!

Okay, if there IS a grosser place than the produce drawer, it's inside the microwave.   FORTUNATELY, there's actually a super easy way to make it shine like it's brand new...  Oh and bonus point because it's all natural!     Get the details at Simply Stacy

Keep your home smelling fresh with this easy (and cute) odor absorber!

Even if you do all the work to get your house clean... It won't mean much if it smells like stale air and dirty laundry.   That's why you'll need to take some precautions to keep the place smelling as fresh as a daisy.  This Simple House Cleaning Tip from Creative Homemaking Will do wonders for the way your house feels when you step inside the door!

8 Easy House Cleaning Hacks for keeping a clean home.  House cleaning tips for simple easy cleaning.

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