Boy lauging: ADHD children have uninhibited emotions

Before you crucify me, read on. This is what it REALLY looks like to have a child with ADHD. And if you’re a mom who doesn’t “believe in ADHD” then I sincerely hope this will be eye-opening for you. And if you’re a mom who’s got an ADHD child, then

Teaching a child to write can be challenging all by itself. But you’d be surprised to find that most schools expect children to come into kindergarten already knowing how to write both their first and last name!If you’re child is just getting started with name writing then don’t worry! These

14 Websites That Regularly Post Remote Job Listings and Work From Home opportunities. Whether you’re already out of work or you’re just looking for a way to have a little more freedom in your work life, this list of websites will give you everything you need to make a big

I love mango smoothies. ESPECIALLY when they help boost my metabolism. Mangos are a delicious treat all by themselves. Believe it or not, I had never even tasted a mango until I was 27 years old! My very first mango was a deliciously fresh mango, right from Castaway Island. (We

Having a little one means you need a lot of “stuff” and if you ever plan on leaving the house as we all have to do at least occasionally then you need a way to carry some of that stuff with you. Enter the diaper bag, a place where you

How long should homeschooling take?

How much time do you REALLY need to spend homeschooling your child? Right now, kids all over the world are home with parents.   And parents who have never put much thought into what their child actually does during those long hours at school, suddenly find themselves filling their child’s

Trying to figure out how to entertain kids at home? When you are hunkered down in the house with your kids for weeks on end, you may find yourself in a place where you are struggling to keep things calm. So you’re looking for indoor activities to keep everyone off

You’re not really an angry mom.   Your kitchen, yesterday afternoon.  You’re dutifully cooking a healthy dinner, the counters are cluttered with ingredients and dirty dishes.   For some reason, that new rice dish you’re trying doesn’t look quite right.  Suddenly, the kids dart through the kitchen, bumping into the counter and

We all want the Key to success.   What’s interesting is that most people define success differently.  Some people believe that success can be measured by the amount of money in your bank account while others believe success is measured by the amount of lives we touch.  But even more interesting

If you're feeling disconnected from your husband after a baby,  then you need to read this!First, let’s rewind.  Remember those first few dates?  You were enthralled with each other.   When you weren’t with him, you stared at your phone for hours, waiting for him to text or call.When you were